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20x30 cm (fits a frame of 30x40 cm)

750,- NOK

850,- NOK

1600,- NOK

30x40 cm (fits a frame of 40x50 cm)

900,- NOK

1200,- NOK

2400,- NOK

40x50 cm (fits a frame of 50x70 cm)

1100,- NOK

1700,- NOK

3200,- NOK

The prices above are for a portrait of 1 person/animal.

For a portrait of 2 persons/animals comes an additional 200,- NOK

For a portrait of 3 persons/animals comes an additional 300,- NOK

For a portrait of 4 persons/animals comes an additional 350,- NOK

For portraits of 5 persons/animals or more, comes an additional 400,- NOK

All prices are without a frame, but we are happy to help you to frame the picture if you wish!
We can of course make the portraits in other dimensions as well. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!